Friendly to the earth and people

The 20th century was the 100 year when we humans have been destruction the earth.
We "Global Medicalcare Welfare Group" aim remake the green earth.

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Temperature rise due to Global warming

The earth environment is changing. Summer is hotter, Winter is warmer. The cause of global warming is rapid increase in greenhouse gases such as CO2. In our convenient and comfortable life, a large amount of CO2 is emitted from power, city gas, transportation, etc..

Relevance of global warming and contagious disease

By climate change due to global warming, outbreak area of viruses, fungi and infectious diseases are changing. Cholera and dengue are typical examples. Expansion of pathogenic microorganisms is more sensitive to environmental changes.

Water disaster due to climate change

Climate change in recent decades is adversely affect continents and oceans (physical, biological ) and human life. Global warming causes abnormal weather such as heavy rain and drought has a great impact on the amount of water needed for our lives.

Protect and Enhance Humanity


Reduce carbon dioxide

On August 11, 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2019 were about 33.3 billion tons, which was flat compared with the previous year.
The flat is for the first time in 3 years from 2016.
It is said that this is because of the spread of wind power and solar power generation and the conversion from coal to natural gas. Although measures against global warming have been effect, it has been pointed out that further reduction is required to mitigate climate change.
We Global Medicalcare Welfare Group aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 3 billion tons annually (about 10% of global annual emissions).

From the Body to Health


Actively vibrating molecule high-tec functional water LULIVI

"Actively vibrating molecule water" will improves the body and supports beauty and health.
It rejuvenate the body, and improves your health and beauty.
It rejuvenate the body, and improves your health and beauty.
Bad water is cause big damage to your body.You drinking "Actively vibrating molecule water", it will change your body balance and must be provided your youthful and healthy life.

Protecting yourself protects your loved ones


Double action of reliable antivirus and sterilization

We have been developed in cooperation with medical institutions and nursing facilities. It is pure natural strong alkaline product manufactured in Japan. We do not use the chlorine-based bactericides (hypochlorous acid, etc. that have been pointed out to be carcinogenic. Our products were made from safe materials that are also used in food processing such as washing vegetables.
By combinating "high-tec functional water LULIVI" and calcined calcium (scallop shell), we success further enhance the effect compared to the conventional effect. This products were used for hospital hygiene and patients by Doctors in Japan.
Norovirus is inactivated within 5 minutes. Eliminates various bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella in a short time. Ideal for food poisoning countermeasures at various places such as restaurants, nursing facilities, hotels.

Our mission is
to protect human health


Cooperating Company

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